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What is TradingView?

Tradingview is a place where traders, investors, educators, and market enthusiasts can connect to share ideas and talk about the market. TradingView is a trading platform available both browser and app based. TradingView utilises indicators to help users have a better understanding of the market and make better decisions for their trades.

Why I can't find OverSold in TradingView?

Most of our indicators are invite-only. You will receive access to these indicators after you purchase the license on our website. After a successful purchase, using your TradingView username which you will provide during the purchase process, we will send you an invitation to the particular indicator you have purchased. This indicator will appear inside TradingView -> Indicators -> Invite-only scripts. After you see the indicators, you can apply it to any of your charts.

I changed my TradingView username and I can't see the indicators anymore.

If you change your TradingView username, you will break the connection which allows you to utilise our indicator. Please send an e-mail to informing us about the username change.

I can't see the Invite-only scripts inside TradingView

There are a couple of reasons for this. You should first make sure that the username you provided us is the correct username as you are using on TradingView. Second, you should check that you are logged in the correct TradingView account.

If both possibilities mentioned above are not the solution, you should restart TradingView. Ultimately, contact us via e-mail if the problem persists.

Do I need a paid subscription with TradingView to use OverSold?

To be able to use our indicators you do not require a paid subscription of TradingView. However, you should check the advantages of purchasing a TradingView subscription and if those advantages are useful for you.

Where can I find my TradingView username?

Taking in consideration that you are logged into your TradingView account, you can find your username by clicking on the hamburger menu in the left top corner. Your username is written right under the “Quick search…”.

Click to watch how to purchase, and activate OverSold TradingView indicators.

OverSold Indicator

It's been 1 hour since I've purchased the indicator, and I can't find it in TradingView.

In this situation, before proceeding to contact us, you should check the following:

1. Are you logged in the correct TradingView account as per the username you have provided during the purchase?

2. Is the username you have provided during the purchase, correct as written inside TradingView?

3. Restart TradingView and/or clear the cache before searching for the indicator.

If none of the above are the solution, please send us an e-mail to

Are the indicators only used for cryptocurrencies?

No, our indicators are designed to be used all types of markets such as: stocks, currencies, futures, bonds, metals, etc.

I am receiving an error when loading the indicator

Although this is a rare possibility, you should immediately send us an e-mail to detailing the error you are receiving as well as screenshots and the steps you have taken that resulted in the error.

Can I copy the indicator code?

No, you cannot. The code of our indicators is proprietary and should not be copied and/or redistributed without our permission. Any copy / redistribution without prior authorisation from shall result in a law suit.


I paid with crypto but my transaction takes too long.

Sometimes when sending crypto from inside an exchange, these transfers can take a long time due to network congestion or even time out. It is best to make such transfers from a crypto wallet.

If you believe the transaction was successful, please send us an e-mail to with the transaction ID / Transaction Hash.

Please, NEVER share your seedphrase, account password or any type of private information regarding your crypto exchange account or wallet.

My credit/debit card is being declined

For online payments such situations can occur. Often banks limit certain credit and debit cards to be used on only select few websites. You should call your bank to ask for details.

I purchased an indicator, now what?

That’s great, we wish to thank you for your purchase. Now, if you have provided us with the correct TradingView account, you should go inside TradingView -> Indicators and search for the purchased indicator inside Invite-only scripts.

May you be successful with your trades!

I want to cancel and get a refund

Cancellations and Refunds are accepted in the first 72 hours after the initial purchase. To request a refund please send us an e-mail to with your account details.

Please note, transaction fees do apply for refunds.


To be able to contact us you can use the contact form on the Contact page, send us an e-mail to,

or if you are a subscriber of you can also find us on Discord.

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