If you are searching for a solution for the Unlock Currency error on Opensea, stop here and search no more!

Unlock Currency There was an error with your transaction. please try again!

This is perhaps Opensea’s most common error, either when making a purchase or when selling an NFT, specially when it’s the first time. Through Google Search, I personally have found many complicated solutions that involve a certain level of coding, other solutions too twisted to even make any sense.

In reality, the solution to this common error is as easy as 1,2,3.

Worth noting, I experienced this problem on the Polygon network when setting for sell the first NFT of the BooBoo Panda collection.

After 30 minutes of research, I managed to figure out that my MetaMask wallet was not containing any USD. This was shown by Opensea, when clicking on the wallet icon in the right top corner of the website.

As such, considering that I already had a certain amount of MATIC in the wallet, the solution was to send a small amount of USDC to the wallet via the Polygon network. I sent precisely 47 USDC from Binance to MetaMask wallet, tried again to sign the Unlock Currency for that first NFT, and it worked like a charm!

In the case that you are on the Ethereum network and you are experiencing the same Unlock Currency error, the solution should be rather the same.