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OverSold TradingView indicators help you better understand market trend, market momentum, and make better trading strategy decisions.

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Our Indicators



Momentum Oscillator

Highly customizable RSI based indicator for trend and momentum analysis using Heikin Ashi candles.

Automatic Trend Channel

Automatic indicator added to any chart displaying realtime market trend.

Elliot Wave + Squeeze

Elliot Wave based oscillator with TTM Squeeze to help determine market volatility and squeeze momentum.

Automatic Fibonacci Retracement

Enable this indicator to automatically add and update in real time the Fibonacci Retracement tool in TradingView charts.

3MA Golden Cross Signal with Alerts

Trade with the Golden Cross or Death Cross trading strategies using our simple to use 3MA Cross TradingView indicator. BUY & SELL signals + TradingView Alerts included.

Why Choose OverSold.io

We are building next generation trading tools focused on providing easy to read data to determine market trend, and momentum to easily manage trade strategies.

TradingView Indicators

Our trading tools are built for TradingView and can be used with all supported assets.

Highly Customizable

All our indicators come with individual configuration panels allowing user friendly customizations of all settings.

No Limits

Our TradingView indicators are built to fit any market out of the box without any need to change settings. Simply add one to Forex, Crypto or Stock, and start trading.

Understand Market Trend

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